60km on a tandem

TandemIle d'Orleans

Yesterday was a good day, probably the best day of our stay/working visit here. The Ile d’Orleans has basically one road – it goes all the way around the edge of the island (see map above) – so we set out on the tandem, initially just for a ride and to visit the cidrerie about 10km away, but we found ourselves enjoying it so much we carried on … and on … until we got practically the whole way round the island. 60km on a tandem – and, as Stephanie, our German host, says “auf einem kaputten Tandem!” To be fair, the bike is mainly ok but the lower gears are a bit knackered.

I can be pretty certain we won’t be coming back here – it’s nice enough for a few days but it’s very touristy and there’s too much traffic to enjoy cycling on it.

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