Yoga is good for the environment

Looking after yourself

One of the things we didn’t find time for back in our old lives was a daily yoga practice. We kept saying to ourselves, and each other, that we’d like to do it, but it always got crowded out by other things. We managed to practise yoga by going to classes 2 or 3 times a week, but there wasn’t the physical space in our house or the mental space in our lives to take an hour for ourselves at the start of every day.

Yoga outdoors

Here, at the motel on the Ile d’Orleans, as if by magic we are able to get up at 7 every morning (OK … almost every morning!) and take the time to have our own yoga practice on the terrace, looking towards the St Lawrence river. The weather is usually good. We can feel the breeze on our faces, the sun starting to lick towards us, hear the birds singing nearby.

reverse sun salute on terrace

The traffic is starting to build up too, because the motel is on the road that circles the island (practically the only road), and that’s always busy. But that’s just a chance to practise focusing in on ourselves and not being distracted by outside sounds.

Sometimes we use an online guide, like Adriene’s short yoga videos on YouTube.

So why do I say yoga is good for the environment? Well, the environment is not just the land and the water, the birds and the animals, the air and the soil. Clearly, the environment is all of us too. And when we human beings are grounded and feeling positive, we contribute to a better place for every living thing.

trikanasana Chas



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