Two wheels good?

Sign of the times? I hope not

One of the things that makes a place environmentally friendly, in my book, and probably for most people, is that it encourages people getting around by non fuel-guzzling means.

Walking, cycling, public transport, stand-up paddleboard …

So one of the attractions of coming to do workaway at this motel on the Ile d’Orleans was that it has a sideline in renting out bikes, e-bikes and speed-restricted electric mopeds. That’s great, but we have discovered that the general attitude on the island to cycling is less positive. I have never been in a place before that found it necessary to point out to motorists, using a big yellow sign, that cyclists might also use the road space:

bike signs
Watch out – bikes use this road!

Verging on the ridiculous

The reason why it is necessary to point this out is that, where this sign hasn’t been put up, cyclists are expected to confine themselves to the verge, and not to get in the way of lorries that come speeding along the highway.

Obviously, in the picture above, there is no verge, so that’s why there’s a pictogram of a bike on the road.

But would you really want to ride on this verge? Me neither. Lots of progress still to be made to make this place bike-friendly and good for walkers too.

no room to cycle
Watch out for cracks, mud, puddles and gravel!

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