Workaway on the Ile d’Orleans

The holiday is over…

Now the work begins. But we are doing Workaway, for the first time ever. If you haven’t heard of it, this is a great concept which teams up people wanting to work up to 25 hours a week in exchange for accommodation and, usually, food, with organisations and people looking for help.

There’s a huge variety of different settings, but for our first experience, we have ended up on the Ile d’Orleans, in French -speaking Quebec, just 15 km away from Quebec City (across the bridge). We spend our working days helping at a motel – mainly cleaning rooms. It’s hard work but a good way to practise being zen and taking pleasure in making a space clean and welcoming for the guests to come.

The eco part of it: well, we are on a green island that grows masses of fruit and hosts many proud local producers.

Chas particularly recommends this locally-brewed beer: WP_20180721_21_48_06_Pro

We are having to work hard for our hosts, Stephanie and François: making the beds, cleaning the rooms, cleaning the bikes for hire. It makes you appreciate what’s involved for people who do this for a living much more…. And I will always leave a tip for cleaners from now on!

The bad news from the eco perspective is that there is no recycling, no renewable energy, no composting, quite busy roads meaning not great conditions for cycling. I think the people on the island need to think about the whole picture a bit more – but we are also not in a position to set the terms of the debate!

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